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How do I book my sessions ?


It will be my privilege to photograph you, thanks for considering me. If you would like to reserve your session with me , you may get in touch through the contact page  and we will get back to you about scheduling your session. We will have a detailed discussion on the session you are interested in . Eventually when things are finalized, we will email a contract and $50 non - refundable retainer fee is required to reserve your session. We will provide a guide on what to expect and how to prepare for your session over the next few weeks by phone as a part of pre shoot consultation.





How early should I book my Newborn & Maternity session?




Many of my clients book in the second trimester and some as they find out they are pregnant. It allows me to block out my calendar for your baby's due date. We will set a 'tentative' date 6-14 days after your due date. Babies rarely come when they are due so we will adjust your session date accordingly.




Maternity sessions are best done between 29-36 weeks, when your belly is round  and you are still comfortable on your feet. Sessions take place either at my studio  or a preferred location. I recommend that you have your hair and makeup professionally done before you arrive for your session. It's best to book your session in your second trimester so that we can plan well in advance.


What if my baby is older than TWO weeks ?


Please do not hesitate to contact me, I have successfully photographed older newborns as well. The difference is they may not be comfortable with a few poses, as they tend to become active and may be more awake.


I just gave birth and then I decided that I want to book a newborn photo shoot. Is it too late to reserve?


Even though I am usually booked a few months in advance with sessions, there might be some openings in my calendar where I can schedule your shoot. Just contact me as soon as you can so that we can figure out a date for your session.


Are props available for the session ?


At my studio , I have various color outfits, headbands, and bonnets to coordinate for your baby's session. I also have props to pose your baby in various backdrops. So there isn't a need to bring any props to the session.However if there is a special family heirloom item (blankets, dress etc ) that are meaningful to you and your family, we can definitely incorporate those items in your baby's session. Babies are only this little for a short time so, it's great to enjoy their tiny features with minimal distracting elements.


How long does the newborn session last?



A Newborn photo session lasts  two - five hours depending on the package chosen. It also allows time for feeding and changes if needed.



What should I bring to the session? 

You can bring in the cake smash cake, outfit, your baby's favorite snacks and toys and a change of clothes. Snacks and toys can be used to entice your little one if he/she is a bit hesitant to touch the cake.


What type of Cake should I bring? 

Please bring in a cake, between 4" and 6" in width. Buttercream cakes are the most edible for babies and Fondant cakes can be pretty hard but both work.


What should I do to prepare my baby for their session?

• A couple of weeks before the session, try to have your baby play with food with their hands and feed themselves. A good starting point is by using mashed potatoes, applesauce, and roughly mashed avocado. 
I would also recommend buying a couple of buttercream cupcakes for your baby to mess around with. Try to buy cupcakes made with either pink or blue frosting so that your baby can get used to seeing their hands covered in textures. 
• I would also encourage mimicking for your baby. If they are hesitant to get messy, try to encourage your little one to get messy by also playing with their food and showing them that it's okay to do this. They will most likely follow suit. 

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